Teaching Intermediate/Advanced Language and Related Skills

Individuals who have acquired a basic vocabulary of mands, tacts, intraverbals, and listener responses should be provided with training that focuses on teaching more advanced language and related skills. This full-day workshop is designed to help prepare participants to utilize both DTT and NET in home and school settings to teach intermediate/advanced language and related skills.

It is recommended that a VB-MAPP guide and protocol be brought to the workshop.

  • Identify the prerequisite skills required for teaching more advanced language and related skills.
  • Implement discrete trial programs to teach noun-noun combinations, noun-verb combinations, adjectives, prepositions, and pronouns.
  • Demonstrate specific procedures (e.g., chaining and joint control) to teach advanced language and related skills.
  • State the importance of capturing and contriving motivation when teaching advanced mands.
  • Utilize the behavior chain interruption strategy (BCIS) to teach mands for missing items.
  • Demonstrate procedures for teaching mands for attention and the removal of aversives, mands using frames and sentences, and mands for information.
  • Utilize preferred activities to develop the ability to answer novel ‘wh’ questions.
  • Record student progress utilizing detailed data and tracking sheets.