Teaching Advanced Intraverbals

A strong intraverbal repertoire is essential for conversations, social interactions, and academic activities. When appropriate, intraverbal training should be an integral part of a daily intervention plan. This full-day workshop is designed to help prepare participants to utilize both DTT and NET in home and school settings to teach advanced intraverbals.

  • Identify the prerequisite skills required for targeting advanced intraverbals.
  • Define and select examples of listener, tact, and intraverbal by function, feature and class (FCC).
  • Utilize criteria for selecting individualized intraverbal targets.
  • Demonstrate procedures for teaching and expanding upon intraverbal responses.
  • Implement specific prompting and error correction procedures when teaching intraverbal responses.
  • Record student progress utilizing detailed data and tracking sheets.
  • Utilize concept maps to foster opportunities to engage in intraverbal responding in the natural environment.