Sandra Brownsey and Lisa Currao

The New York Autism Resource Center, Inc. ,Founding Members
Hudson Valley, NY

I am writing this letter to express a deep appreciation for the training and support that FATE has brought to New York. Many teachers, paraprofessionals and other school staff have directly benefitted from the in-depth workshops that include video-taped examples of students with autism successfully educated in public schools.

As a direct result of FATE’s systematic trainings and sustained support philosophy, several teachers have a new found understanding and confidence in working with their students. Equally important is the fact that local teachers are now training and passing on the science and understanding to others including parents. Many of our students are now moving ahead and demonstrating improvement in crucial life skill areas such as language and social development.

The Warwick Valley School District, a large school system in the Hudson Valley Region, has recently announced their commitment to starting a program for students with autism as a direct result of FATE’s mission.

Having stated that, it remains vital that FATE’s support continue to be available throughout this area and expand to other regions.

The New York Autism Resource Center, Inc. is overwhelming indebted to the efforts of FATE for the positive impact on the lives of many of our teachers and families. It is our hope that through continued collaboration and the availability of resources to FATE that this success will expand to include many more.

Sandra Brownsey, Founding Member
Lisa Currao, Founding Member