Anna Marie Kent

Special Education Teacher
South Bergen, NJ

My name is Anna Marie Kent and I am a special education teacher at the South Bergen Jointure Commission. Our school currently serves approximately twenty towns in Bergen County providing educational services to students with disabilities, primarily those with autism. We are dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students as well as our professional staff.

Through the FATE organization, I am enrolled in Project Pipeline (a fully-funded comprehensive ABA training program for public school teachers). As a classroom teacher, I have experienced benefits of this training first-hand and have also seen the residual effects in the children I teach.

This year FATE joined forces with my school in order to provide free district-wide training for all parents and select professional staff. FATE serves as a huge network of support for both our parents and staff through on-going training and website resources.

As with most public schools, the budget for professional training is limited yet the need is vast. Our professional staff, students and districts would benefit greatly from continual training in order to streamline our program and bring all professional staff up to speed on the best teaching practices. I have seen the organization’s results first-hand and can only hope that each of my colleagues will have that same opportunity.

I am forever grateful to the FATE organization and its amazing staff. I know by working together the impact we have on our students will be immeasurable.

Anna Marie Kent,
Special Education Teacher