Creating a Willing Learner: Pairing Teachers and Staff with Reinforcement

It can be frustrating when a child with autism seems to dislike their teachers/therapists and teaching environments. When teachers/therapists and teaching environments become “paired” with un-preferred activities instead of fun or preferred activities, the mere presence of a teacher/therapist or teaching materials can evoke problem behavior. Many children with autism have not YET learned that being around others can be fun, reinforcing, or valuable.  This workshop is designed to help participants prepare to pair themselves with reinforcement.

After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why many children with autism dislike teachers/therapists and teaching environments.
  • State the benefits of pairing with positive reinforcement.
  • List three methods that can be used to assess a child’s positive reinforcers
  • Implement the steps involved to become a conditioned reinforcer.