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If Walls Could Talk…

In public school autism classrooms, there are a few things that we may be short on. Time is definitely one of them! Posting information in an easy-to-read format can provide staff members with important (and quick!) reminders throughout the day.

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Creating an Effective Daily Schedule

The first step in providing proper programming is creating an effective daily schedule. DON’T WAIT! Get students used to transitioning from activity to activity, individual/small group activities, large group activities, working with different staff members, etc. right from the beginning!

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Down Time…Now What?

As teachers in public school autism programs, we have all run into the dreaded “DOWN TIME”. Whatever the reason, we have to think quickly! Consider things that can be used as not only time-fillers, but as great mini-activities to get your students using language, following directions, and cooperating in a small or large group.

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