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Anne Klingner

CAPIS Coordinator
Middletown, NY

FATE provides targeted and sustained training in research-based programs that have proven to be effective for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.
Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc. has worked with FATE over the past few years to provide training for family members and service providers of children on the autism spectrum in our community.

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Susann Terry Gage

Special Education Director
Sedona, AZ

The Foundation for Autism Training and Education (FATE) has been an excellent training resource for our school district. Our staff and our students have greatly benefited from FATE’s efforts and their ability to provide free or low cost training in our state.

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Lucina Clarke

Executive Director, My Time Inc.
Brooklyn, NY

Feedback from parents about FATE workshops consistently mentions “effective” and “practical.” Parents and professionals frequently comment that they can immediately implement strategies learned at the training. We are constantly receiving requests about future workshops to be given by FATE.

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Lisa Ryan

Port Jervis, NY

I first heard about FATE’S workshops in the fall of 2007 when a teacher I work with raved about the first training in the series. The trainings have provided me with valuable information that I can implement into the classroom and in my individual sessions. FATE first provided me with a framework, and now through the other sessions, I am learning specific teaching strategies for each skill.

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Anna Marie Kent

Special Education Teacher
South Bergen, NJ

This year FATE joined forces with my school in order to provide free district-wide training for all parents and select professional staff. FATE serves as a huge network of support for both our parents and staff through on-going training and website resources. I am forever grateful to the FATE organization and its amazing staff. I know by working together the impact we have on our students will be immeasurable.

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Sandra Brownsey and Lisa Currao

The New York Autism Resource Center, Inc. ,Founding Members
Hudson Valley, NY

As a direct result of FATE’s systematic trainings and sustained support philosophy, several teachers have a new found understanding and confidence in working with their students. Equally important is the fact that local teachers are now training and passing on the science and understanding to others including parents. Many of our students are now moving ahead and demonstrating improvement in crucial life skill areas such as language and social development.

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Gloria L. Bodker

Supervisor Early Chldhood at Paterson Public Schools
Paterson, NJ

Our staff receives minimal assistance and support due to budget constraints and the overwhelming number of preschool children in our district. We currently serve 3500 preschoolers. Everyday we get referrals from parents, early intervention, DYFS, and hospitals requesting programming for children on the Autistic spectrum. It is, therefore, extremely important that FATE continue its efforts to provide training and assistance to districts like ours.

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