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Tuesday, February 02, 2016
1 Full Day Workshop
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Oradell, NJ
Region V Council for Special Education
700 Kinderkamack Road

Workshop presented by Jennifer Fisahn, BCBA (read bio)
Registration fee: $50.00

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Discrete Trial Training (DTT) has been demonstrated to be an effective method of treatment for children with autism and is also one of the most frequently implemented procedures used in an ABA program (Smith, 2001; Stahmer, Ingersoll, & Carter, 2003). DTT can be used to teach almost any skill set including language, social, vocational, cognitive, and imitation. The goal of DTT is to establish basic discriminations that can be generalized and expanded upon using other teaching procedures such as natural environment teaching (NET) (Tarbox & Najdowski, 2008). This full-day workshop is designed to provide an overview of DTT and to help prepare participants to utilize DTT in home and school settings to teach beginning tact, imitation, echoic, listener, match-to-sample, and intraverbal skills.

It is recommended that a VB-MAPP guide and protocol be brought to the workshop.


  • Define Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
  • State the history of DTT.
  • List advantages and limitations of DTT.
  • Summarize recommendations for practitioners.
  • Utilize VB-MAPP profiles to select individualized, developmentally appropriate discrete trial targets.
  • Implement research-based teaching procedures during DTT.
  • Demonstrate effective prompting procedures across the verbal operants.
  • Calculate an appropriate schedule of reinforcement for an individual.
  • Organize student program binders and teaching materials.
  • Employ a variety of efficient and effective data collection methods for DTT.
  • Implement function-based behavior reduction procedures to manage problem behavior.